Hawaii Camp

Hawaii Paddle Camp dates and info.

Are you ready for an OC1 adventure in Hawaii?

  • Would you like to feel more confident in rough conditions?

  • Would you like to develop your surfing skills?

  • Would you like to train smarter and get more out of your sessions?

Hawaii Paddle Camps are specifically designed to enable you to thrive on the water in a fun, positive and empowering environment.

We’ll spend time on-


Balance and stability

  • Ama control and developing your right side as the ‘safe side’ 

  • Explosive power for surfing

  • Surfing skills

  • Learning to read the water

You’ll gain confidence in bigger conditions, learn to read the water for better surfing skills, and ultimately have more fun when the conditions get tough.

Follow the links below for details about the camp you are most interested in.

Sept 29-Oct 3, 2019  Women's "Intermediate" camp *w/option to participate in women's only OC1 race on October 5th

3 spaces available 

October 18-21, 2019 Long weekend "FUNdamentals" Camp

2 spaces available

October 28-Nov 1, 2019 Women's "Intermediate" camp 

3 spaces available

January 22- January 26, 2020  Women's "Intermediate" camp 

4 spaces available

February 24 - February 28, 2020  Women's "Intermediate" camp

3 spaces available  

March, April, May, June 2020 Dates TBA Women's "Advanced" camp

Custom Camp for you and your paddling friends, read details here

Are these camps for you?

Hawaii Paddle Camps are for paddlers who want to take their paddling to the next level. These camps are designed for athletic women who want to have an incredibly fun week in Hawaii challenging themselves to learn skills that they either can’t learn in their home environment or want the support of a coach and group environment to learn.

Hawaii Paddle Camps are challenging, they are intense, and for that reason these camps are limited to four participants. We put a lot of time into individual coaching and helping each paddler stretch their comfort zone to expand their paddling skills. 

These camps are not for first time or novice paddlers. We have an application process to make sure that these camps are the right place for you to learn. It's important to us that you get the most out of your trip, so do contact us if you are not sure if Hawaii camp is right for you.

What makes my camps unique?

I did not grow up outrigger paddling. My first races in Hawaii I finished in last place. I had to learn to surf. I had to learn to train. I developed my skills by reaching out to other paddlers, working with a trainer and diving deep into figuring out how to surf and how to train. Over the past decade I've done miles and miles of training and racing (you can read my paddling resume here). Now I’m teaching you what I worked hard to learn. 

I make you think and engage in learning. I use my skills as a paddler and a professional coach to help you learn as much as you can in our five days together.  Whether you need to see a demo, or have it explained to you or just try it out for yourself, I am sensitive to different learning styles and do my best to meet your needs.

I will encourage and support you to push yourself beyond your comfort zone, in a safe and productive way. I've had a lot of feedback that one of the best things about the camps is how small the group is. You will get a lot if individual attention, and time to work on your own.