About the Coach

I love to empower and inspire paddlers. I do this by teaching skills that help you thrive on the water and have more fun.

I offer a challenging yet supportive, growth oriented, coaching approach backed by professional training:

  • Certified CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach 

  • Certified CHEK Exercise Coach 

  • Certified Professional Coach (CPC) - Leadership That Works

  • PCC level coach  - International Coaching Federation

  • Coach trainer and faculty at Leadership That Works

I have been coaching Outrigger Paddling since 2007 in many different environments: club, one-on-one, clinics, camps and workshops on dry land, in the class room and on the water. I believe in working on specific drills that build skills and confidence and lead to feeling empowered in rough seas which leads to a whole lot of fun. The more you stretch your comfort level, the stronger you are when you spring back.

Paddling for me is not just about physical challenge. Through sports, I see the outcome of preparing and going further than I first thought possible. I can take on mental challenges and clearly experience the benefit of staying present, dealing with what arises. Paddling is a great vehicle for rich personal growth, inspiration and empowerment. Sometimes it challenges me to my maximum, and yep, that is awesome!

Here is a bit about my personal paddling background. After my first time in an OC6 in 2003, my whole life changed. I started making decision around how to paddle and race more.  Now I live on Oahu, and in addition to coaching, I race OC1, Surf Ski and OC6 in Hawaii and Internationally all year round. I have had the joy of crossing the Molokai Channel over 25 times in races - solo crossings in OC1 and SS, and OC6 Iron and relay events. My particular passion is solo events and Iron (no change) OC6. I am a founding member of Pacific Wahine, an unlimited iron OC6 team focused on Olamau and other unlimited iron races like Pa'a Eono Hoe.

In addition to paddle coaching, I work as a Life Coach helping people get their minds as fit as their bodies. 

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