Gorge 2020

Gorge Downwind Champs - July 13-18, 2020

Race link here: Gorge Downwind Champs 

Sharpen up your race and surf skills at a clinic with me at the Gorge Downwind Champs!

While its true that surfing skills take years to build, attending a clinic is a short cut to getting you where you want to be. 

Build on your skill set so you can race smarter, faster, and have more fun. You’ll get better at deciding when to power up and when to relax. You’ll start to feel the waves more, and learn to judge what to go after. We will spend time talking about what to look for, and do a downwind run so you can feel and see it yourself.

We’ll break down the skill set you need as a paddler, especially focusing on the skills you need to surf. You’ll go home with new training ideas to add to your training program so you can continue to build your ability in your own training sessions.

Here are the clinic details:

I will be running clinics Monday July 13, Tuesday July 14, Wednesday July 15 and Thursday July 16, 2020. (If the race is held Thursday, then the clinic will run Friday)

The cost will be $100 per person, with a minimum of four and a maximum of five people. I keep the groups small, so you get more out of the experience. I will run a clinic with as few as four people, but not less than four.

  • We will use the festival shuttles to do the downwind run together.
  • If you don't want to use the shuttle you need your own transporation
  • I cannot provide canoes
  • You must have experience and be able to confidently right your canoe in the event of a huli.
  • This is not a clinic for beginners or first time downwind paddlers

Clinic will take place in the early afternoon, however, the time will need to be flexible so we can get the most out of the wind. 

Private booking - on request you can book a clinic with me for your own group of paddlers. 

If you are interested in attending a clinic, or making a private booking at the Gorge Downwind Festival, please click here to send me an email with your preferred date requesting a spot in the clinic.

Looking forward to seeing you there! 

Pic: Surf clinic 2016 Gorge Downwind Champs