• Surfing Natural Openings

    Surfing Natural Openings

    Would you love to master surfing your outrigger or surf ski?

    I would. Its thrilling and magical and pure joy. I have spent years trying way too hard to surf.

    No matter how strong I got, how much training I did, it never translated to catching more bumps. Frustrating! Enter exciting new concept: Stop working so hard. Instead, use just enough energy and look and wait and feel for things to open up. What?! This goes against all my programing that I just have to pound it out and work really hard all the time, non-stop.

    I finally had a breakthrough when I found a connection between ‘Natural Openings’ (a Life Coaching term)and what Kamanu Composites writes about in their blog post on surfing (hint - read it if you have not already!)

    "Every time you catch a wave you need to put all of your effort (mental and physical) into connecting into another wave. It doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by scouting your opening and getting to it."

    Scouting your openings

    “Effective and transformative action arises from recognizing and responding to natural openings…Opportunities to inquire into a subtle change in the client’s (insert 'oceans') energy, often non-verbal” -CFT Text book

    OH! and get this- “Natural openings are an easy opportunity to make changes without struggling!”

    IT'S ALL ABOUT NOT WORKING SO HARD! Relax and let if flow.The subtle shifts in my Life Coaching clients are often non-verbal, which they definitely are when open ocean surfing and reading the energy of the waves!

    What does this mean to me, you and our surfing success? 

    Watch for an easy clear next direction, be in the moment in tune with the energy of the ocean all the time. Scan gently all around you 180 degrees – what is forming, what is opening up? Go for it, then relax.

    The steps for surfing from Kamanu’s blog are:

    1) Catch the wave

    2) Put in just enough energy to stay on the wave, but avoid dropping into the trough

    3) Scout for an opening in the wave ahead of you. It could be right in front of you or it could be twenty feet to the right 

    4) Once you find it, get to it. Some openings might require five easy strokes and a slight turn of the rudder, while some will require an all out burst of speed. Your priority is to get through the opening and onto the bump ahead

    5) Start again at #2.

    We are trained culturally to make everything harder than it is. Once you have acheived a base level of strenght and fitness, breath, relax and let the Ocean open up and show the way! 

    For practical training tips on how to develop surfing skill – Contact me about coaching or enquire about my surf camps and clinics!